What is Stylist Toolbox?

Stylist Toolbox is a video education platform built for iPad for Chris Baran’s Fuel Education System. It’s free to download and comes loaded with videos from Redken – no need to log in. Then, if you’re the kind of stylist or salon owner who wants total control of your future as a master of your art, you can create a member account by adding Fuel for Design and Fuel for Finishing to your app right here. Then login and learn. Stylist Toolbox is designed to get out of the way, so easy to use that nothing stands between you and fresh delicious new knowledge. You can pause a video and swipe vertically to check out the Manual and Workbook at just the page you need, then swipe back to your video and go on to the next chapter. Beginners and experts alike will feel right at home. Schools and salons can buy multiple licenses so that all students have to do is log in and learn. Contact us to set up an educator account.


 Some tips for using Stylist Toolbox:
• Stylist Toolbox is for iPad. An iPhone-optimized version is in development. If there is enough demand, we would love to expand to Android, even Windows.
• You don’t need an account to access the free videos. Just swipe up from the login page.
• You’ll set up your username and password when you add Fuel for Design or Fuel for Finishing to your app during checkout on this website.
• Be sure to use your correct email address – you will not be able to login if you make a typo.
• As soon as payment is approved, you’ll be able to log into the app and access the videos.
• Download a video by tapping the down arrow on a video thumbnail.
• Exit the video player by tapping ‘done’.
• Use the pinch gesture to exit the video description screen and go back to the menu.
• Tap the little filmstrip to jump straight to your last watched video.
• Tap the little ‘free’ filmstrip to get back to the free content area.
• Videos are downloaded rather than streamed, so you can watch them any time. To free up space on your iPad, you can delete them by touching the trashcan icon. You’ll always be able to download them again.


What is the Fuel Education System?

If you are the kind of person who wants to really succeed, to have control over your career, and who really wants to make an impact, and the idea of spending the next 30 years learning all the little tricks is exhausting to you, then this is the program for you.

Everyone has heard the expression, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” This is the truth at the heart of the Fuel Education System. It’s not about trends or tricks. It’s about the Principles that underpin everything hairstylists have ever done or ever will do. If you know the Principles, you’ll always know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. When you understand hair, you’ll never need to learn another haircut. You will know, just by seeing it, how to recreate any design out there. You will have the understanding that unlocks your creativity, paving the way for you to go from good to Great. Chris’ promise: Any cut, any style, any time. And it’s all yours for less than the cost of a nice pair of shears.

Chris breaks his massive experience down into easy to absorb bites with clear lessons in a See-Do format. First you watch, then you do it yourself. Then Chris explores the most common mistakes with you. The videos, together with the Manual, Workbook, and Lesson Plan, create a fast and efficient freeway of learning.


How do I get started?

First, turn to someone else in the room. Give them a high five, and say, “I’m amazing!” Then, get Fuel for Design or Fuel for Finishing (or both for a discount) right here. While you’re checking out, you’ll set up your user account and we’ll send you an email to confirm you login information. On your iPad, download Stylist Toolbox from the App Store. You’ll want 5 mannequin heads for Fuel for Design. There’s no cutting in Fuel for Finishing, so just a couple will do. If you want some help scheduling your time, your Welcome Email includes a password to download the Lesson Plans for free. Then, log in on your iPad and let the creativity explosion commence!


That’s it?

We built the Workbook and Manual right into the app. From any video’s description page you can swipe up for the Workbook or swipe down for the Manual (or keep swiping to cycle through). In the videos, Chris sets up each exercise with some easy-to-understand theory and nifty diagrams, then he shows you exactly what he’s talking about on a mannequin head. And then it’s your turn! When you’re done, come back for the debrief, where he walks you through the most common mistakes. Follow along and practice practice practice. That’s it.


Do I need an iPad to use the Fuel Education System?

We designed the app to be a perfect iPad experience. There is an iPhone optimized version in development. If there is enough demand for an Android or Windows release, we’ll certainly make it happen. For now, if you don’t have an iPad, we have the DVDs available at ChrisBaran.com

I’m working solo. Is Fuel for me?

The Fuel System is designed to be easy for everybody. You can definitely work on your own and at your own pace. We do recommend working with a partner so you can help each other out. We love the buddy system.


I’m a salon owner. Is Fuel for me?

We’ve found that salon owners are our biggest fans. It makes sense. It can cost thousands for you to bring in expert for a day of training, and for many owners that’s still preferable than taking time away from your chair. So having Chris Baran do the heavy lifting for you (for about the cost of a good pair of shears) makes all the sense in the world. The Fuel Education System is simply the best way to train new hires and to help your whole team reach their full potential fast. One evening a week will transform your business.


I’m from a school/academy/institution. Is Fuel for me?

One of the most valuable assets you can have in your corner is someone who is not only a master of the art, but can also teach it effectively to others. Chris trains trainers every day. That’s exactly why Chris created the Fuel System. Use Fuel to train your trainers. Then, use Fuel to train your students – we like using an Apple TV to AirPlay the videos on the big screen. Your students will graduate more than ready to conquer the world, and just imagine the referrals!