Fuel for Finishing DVDs

With Fuel for Finishing, you will learn to master every styling tool, every product, and instantly recognize the capabilities of any head of hair. If it sounds too good to be true, then this is exactly the system you’ve been waiting for. Goodbye guesswork. Hello guest work.™

Redken’s Global Artistic Director for Education, master educator Chris Baran walks you through the Principles of Finishing. This 5.5 hours really is the whole book of secrets used by the best editorial stylists on the planet.

Learn the Principles of Suitability, so you can easily recognize the 7 face shapes and 4 profile types, and always know what design and styling will work for every client.

You will master the tools of editorial stylists with 33 variations of 8 hot tool techniques, and you will never fear a client’s magazine clipping again. You will know how to subtly modify their request to suit their face shape every time.

Explore all types of hair products, and why some work better in certain situations. Learn a simple exercise to make the right choice every time, and combine them for perfect results.

Chris’ proven see-do format is the fastest, surest way to learn the Principles of Finishing. First Chris shows you the tools and techniques, then you workshop with him on your own mannequin. Afterward, debrief the most common missteps with him.

Then, watch Chris work on live models, taking each of them from WHAT I AM to WHAT I WANT, whether her hair is straight, wave, curl, or frizz. Own the knowledge that will make you a master.

*Note: the DVDs are no longer updated. The education on them is 100% eternal, but technology moves on. Check the apps for the latest videos.